Sunday, January 23, 2011

Menu: January 22 - 28

I don't usually assign meals to certain days. I have an idea of when I'll make what, but it's subject to change. :)

7 Days of Dinner:
- Tacos (I didn't end up making these last week)
- Buffalo Chicken Salad (Yes, again! Soooo good!)
- Tomato Bisque and crusty bread
- Chipotle
- BBQ Chicken Salad
- Dumpling Stew (I'm putting a different spin on it this time- No thyme; salt, pepper and chives only)
- Date Night


Steve and Sarah said...

we need to swap dinner ideas! we started doing a weekly menu this month. Its hard to think of things that are quick and easy to make after working 11 hours. I want to try to not repeat things too often.