Sunday, August 2, 2009

'Say What?' Meatballs

Recipe Courtesy of Janet Wynn

Upon reading this recipe, I wondered who in their right mind would have chosen to put this list of ingredients together. But, one of my best friends said it was a family favorite, so I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

Later, I learned this is actually a well-known recipe. Who knew?


2 lb. ground beef
1 c. bread crumbs
3 eggs
1 pkg. onion soup mix

12 oz. Heinz chili sauce
16 oz. can whole cranberries
(I couldn't find these at my grocery store, so I reconstituted dried cranberries)
16 oz. sauerkraut (drain well)
1 c. brown sugar
12 oz. water


Put the sauce together and let simmer while you assemble meatballs. Mix meatballs together, form, brown in skillet, put in Pyrex, pour sauce on top and bake 325 for 1 1/2 hours, uncovered. Expect it to look a little weird.

The recipe suggests serving over rice or noodles, however I prefer to serve it with mashed potatoes. I also tend to serve the meatballs without all the goop on top. This way I can taste all the yummy flavor without experiencing the weird texture of the cranberries and sauerkraut.

A very comforting meal indeed!


Luke and Nat said...

Janet gave me this recipe too, she made it for me when I had Michael...I LOVED them...I think we ate them all in 1 sitting, or close! It is a weird recipe and I still can't get my mom to try it because she hates sourkraut but I tried telling her, it doesn't taste like sourkraut. This is probably sacrilege and I definately agree homemade meatballs are better, but I just use the frozen ones for a quick meal. Luke loved this meal too...keep the test kitchen coming, I love feedback on yummy recipes so I can try them! Ok, you've got 2 friends up here in Utah now, you've got to come see what all the fuss is about, Clovis chicky. I'm actually dying to visit Clovis, I miss Lorena and my brother and his family...will be there soon, I hope. :p

RMCarter said...

I hate sauerkraut too and I recoiled a little when I opened the can. But a little of that flavor, mixed with the other stuff is so good!

Yes, I need to make it out there to Utah. I've been saying it for years but I just need to do it!!

Love you!